Getting Legal Help After Causing An Accident While Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is one of the worst decisions that you can make, as it often leads to automobile accidents. If you recently caused an accident and was under the influence of alcohol, you are likely facing numerous penalties. Depending on the number of DWI offenses on your record and state laws, you can end up in jail for a long time. A DWI attorney can assist with helping you get the most minimal penalty to make the situation easier to get through. Browse this article to get a general idea of some of the possible penalties that an attorney can help you avoid for your DWI offense.

1. The Inability to Drive for a While

One of the common penalties for DWI is for the offenders drivers license to get suspended. However, such a penalty isn't always deserved and can lead to financial hardship if the offender is unable to drive to work. When an attorney is hired, he or she can possibly convince a judge that you need your drivers license in order to support your daily needs or family. If you don't have a large amount of DWI's on your record, it will likely to get a penalty of license suspension overturned. An attorney can prove that you are not in the habit of committing DWI's and that you have the ability to not commit the same offense again.

2. Mandatory Alcohol Abuse Treatment

You might be sentenced to an alcohol treatment facility for your DWI offense. Undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse could mean that you have to be at the facility at a specific time each day. If you are unable to attend the program because of your work hours, an attorney might be able to help you get out of it. Rather than you undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse if you are not necessarily an alcoholic, the attorney might suggest that the judge sentences you to community service. He or she might also suggest that you are put on probation for a while.

3. Years Locked Behind Bars

If your DWI offense led to someone getting badly injured during the accident, you might get sentenced to years behind bars. Although you are guilty of committing the crime, it doesn't automaticallyjustify a harsh sentence. An attorney will gather an extensive amount of evidence to prove that you don't deserve long jail sentence. He or she will focus on your overall criminal history, as well as your character. In such a case, an attorney might be able to get your jail time reduced, including mandatory community service, probation, and other ways to serve your sentence upon being released.