Vital Reasons To Retain One Of The Assertive Local Drug Crimes Lawyers

A narcotics conviction can heavily damage your life. It can cause you to lose your job. It can also rob you of your family and lead to you spending years, if not decades, behind bars.

However, when you are charged with a narcotics offense, you have the right to defend yourself in court. Your first move can involve hiring one of the most experienced and assertive drug crimes lawyers in your area to take your case.

Casting Doubt on the Charges

When you have one of the local drug crimes lawyers on retainer, you can start the process of casting doubt on the charges against you. Your attorney's job may not be so much as to prove you innocent as it is to instill enough doubt in the prosecutor's story that the jurors have no choice but to find you innocent.

Experienced drug crimes lawyers do this by posing questions like whether or not the drugs could belong to anyone else or could anyone else have gained access to your home, vehicle, purse, briefcase, or anywhere else the drugs were found. This possible scenario could convince the jurors to give you the benefit of the doubt and find you innocent rather than send you to jail for years or decades.

Bargaining Down Charges

Drug crimes lawyers are also adept at bargaining down charges against their clients. For example, if this is your first drug arrest, you may not deserve to face a felony charge and conviction. You might be eligible to have the charge dropped down to a misdemeanor with the possibility of community service or rehab as your punishment.

Any of the drug crimes lawyers in your area may consider this possibility and bargain down the charges for you. You may avoid having to go to trial and taking your chances on a jury finding you innocent.

Shortening Punishments

Finally, drug crimes lawyers routinely argue for the least amount of punishment for their clients. Yours may argue that you should not do any jail time. If you must serve time in jail, you may be sent to a minimal or medium security jail because of the efforts of the lawyer you hire.

Drug crime lawyers are adept at instilling doubt in jurors' minds so clients may be found not guilty. Your attorney may also bargain down the charges against you and negotiate for the least punishment possible for your offense.

For more information, contact a drug crimes lawyer near you.