Wrongfully Charged With Having Sexual Relations With A Minor

Are you being accused of sex crimes with a minor? Were you unaware of the other party's age during the times in which you were sexually involved with him or her? If you are afraid that you will have to spend a long time in jail for a crime that isn't your fault, hiring a lawyer is very important. The lawyer will be able to help you prove that you had no idea that the other party was underage during the relationship. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the things that can be legally done to get you out of such a bad situation.

Discuss Details of the Relationship

A lawyer will need information about the relationship that you had with the minor. For instance, you must provide details in regards to how the relationship began. Did you ask the minor for his or her age in the beginning? Did you meet him or her in a bar that doesn't allow minors to enter?

Discover the Background of the Minor

Assistance from a sex crime lawyer is ideal in your situation because he or she can investigate the minor. The lawyer will basically find out if the minor has a history of lying about his or her age. He or she can also locate any adult nightclubs or bars that the minor entered by presenting a false identification card. Friends and family members of the minor might also be contacted in an effort for the lawyer to learn more about his or her overall character.

Investigate Your Past Relationships

An investigation will be done so the lawyer can get a good idea about the past relationships you have had. He or she might ask you for names of the women or men that you have dated, as well as for their contact information. The point of running an investigation on you is for the lawyer to rule out you having involvement with any underage partners in the past. Some of your past partners might also be able to speak as witnesses for your character in court.

Provide Evidence of Your Innocence

The key to getting through your situation without having to spend a long time behind bars is to have a sufficient amount of evidence. A lawyer will ensure that the court is presented with evidence that makes it difficult for you to be proven guilty of the sex crime. The main focus of the case will be to prove that you believed that the other party was of a legal age during the relationship.