Plea Bargaining For A Wet Reckless: Tips And Benefits

A wet reckless is a popular name for the misdemeanor criminal charge of reckless driving with the involvement of alcohol. This charge is slightly less serious than the charge of DUI (driving under the influence). Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible for you to plea bargain and have your DUI charges downgraded to a wet reckless. For example, you may be able to do this if you qualify for any of the following. 

It's Your First DUI

The more DUI convictions you have in your driving history, the harder it will be to plea bargain for anything, let alone a wet reckless. DUI crimes are causing serious injuries to road users every year, and it is one of the crimes the government is really serious about. Therefore, you only have a good shot at getting your DUI charges reduced to a wet reckless if it is your first offense.

You Don't Have a Criminal Record

No court wants to hand a weak criminal sentence to a hardened criminal or show any form of leniency to a person with a plethora of crimes in their history. Your best chance of securing a wet reckless deal is to prove to the court that it was a once-in-a-lifetime slip-up, that you are generally a law-abiding citizen. How do you do this again? You do it by proving that you don't have criminal convictions in your past.

You Had a Low BAC

Your blood alcohol content (BAC) is the amount of actual alcohol in your body per unit volume of blood. Typically, the higher your BAC is, the more intoxicated you are and the more your driving is likely to be impaired. For private motorists, a BAC of 0.08 and above makes you legally intoxicated and is enough to trigger a DUI arrest and charge. Therefore, if you have a high chance of getting a wet reckless charge if your BAC is near the legal limit, say if you have a BAC of 0.09 than if you have a high BAC of 0.12.

Plea Bargaining Is Allowed In Your State

Even if you satisfy all the above conditions, you may fail to get your charges dropped to a wet reckless if your state doesn't allow it. This is because state laws determine whether or not plea bargaining is allowed in specific circumstances. This means there are states that have strict DUI laws that even prohibit plea bargaining, and you will be out of luck with your wet reckless plea if you are arrested and charged in such a state.

For more information, contact your local DUI personal attorney.