A Look At The Roles Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a scary life situation to find yourself in. At a time when other people in your life may be pointing fingers and passing judgements, there is one professional who will be your guiding force through this very difficult situation: your chosen criminal defense lawyer. Take a look at some of the roles a criminal defense lawyer will play in your life and in your case when you hire them to represent you after being charged with a crime. 

The lawyer further investigates the case.  

If you have been charged with a crime, there has been an investigation of your wrongdoing already. However, the role of the criminal defense lawyer is to investigate other things about your case that could actually help you in court. This form of investigation can involve things like: 

  • Examining police records to ensure your arrest was carried out properly 
  • Talking to witnesses to ensure all evidence in your favor has been gathered 
  • Interviewing expert witnesses before the trial to find out what their take on the evidence is

The lawyer will analyze the evidence against you. 

Because you have been charged with a crime, there is some evidence against you that the prosecution plans to use to prove your guilt in court. As your representing defense attorney, your lawyer will get the opportunity to examine the evidence against you before court. This allows them to form a proper defense strategy and find any weaknesses in the evidence that could be used to prove your innocence or to create doubt in the eyes of the judge or the jury. For example, if there is video footage of you committing the crime, the attorney will review this footage in-depth to make sure there is nothing that the prosecution will say about the footage that is not true. 

The lawyer will keep you informed about the case. 

Working on a criminal case as a defense attorney can take a lot of time, and all of the work may take place while you are in jail. No matter if you are in jail or out on bond, your defense attorney will keep you informed at every level of the process. This professional will reach out to you if there are any changes in your case, if there is new evidence brought up, or if they develop a certain defense strategy that they believe could help you.