4 Things to Understand About DUI Charges

If you were arrested and charged with a DUI, you must understand how driving under the influence can impact your life. A DUI charge is dangerous, and if you are facing one, you will want to have an attorney to represent you and help you with the situation.

#1: Refusing to Cooperate Can Have Consequences

When you are pulled over for a DUI, you do not have to agree to a blood test, nor do you have to agree to take a breathalyzer. However, if you refuse to cooperate, there may be additional consequences. For example, you may be held in jail for up to two days, and you may face other penalties on top of the ones typically associated with a DUI charge. If you refused to cooperate, contact a defense attorney right away. A defense attorney can help ensure you are not unreasonable or unnecessary punished because of your refusal. 

#2: Attorney Can Keep You Out of Jail

When you are arrested for a DUI, you may just be booked and released, or you may be kept in jail. Additionally, once your case is taken to court, you could face jail time. Jail time is more likely if you did not cooperate or if you had a high blood alcohol level (BAC) or an accident occurred together with your DUI. A criminal defense attorney can help to ensure that you don't spend time in jail, or if you do, that the time spent in jail is really short. A great criminal defense attorney will help lessen the consequences that you face.

#3: Criminal Charges Are Possible

With a DUI case, there are many ways things can play out. If you are accused and found guilty, you could either face a felony DUI case or a misdemeanor DUI case. You will face some consequences, but a misdemeanor is better than a felony conviction. With a felony conviction, that charge will stay with you for a long time, and you may lose out on housing and job opportunities. A reasonable attorney will get your charges dropped down so as not to leave you with a criminal record.

When it comes to facing a DUI charge, you need to hire a criminal attorney right away. A criminal attorney can help mitigate any consequences associated with your DUI case, keep you out of jail, and work hard to keep you from having a criminal record. Learn more by visiting websites like https://dlplawyers.com/.