Reasons OWI Charges Should Be Handled By Professional Attorneys

OWI (operating while intoxicated) is a much more serious crime compared to DUI (driving under the influence). That's because blood-alcohol levels are higher, which subsequently means the driver was more impaired. If you're trying to handle one of these charges, hire an OWI attorney so that you can look forward to legal assistance. 

Highlight Differences Between OWI and DUI

You may know things about handling DUIs. Maybe one of your friends had to deal with one or maybe you did yourself. Having this information isn't going to help when you're charged with an OWI, though, because they work a bit differently. You won't end up hurting your defense because of a lack of knowledge when you hire an OWI attorney.

They will show you major differences between OWI and DUI charges. You want to know this information before you try defending yourself because you'll have a clear grasp of the potential consequences you could face and the particular legal protocol that OWIs involve. 

Determine Which Factors Can Work in Your Favor

Just because you're charged with an OWI doesn't mean you're automatically going to receive a particular punishment. There may be factors involved that can improve your legal situation. An OWI attorney is a professional that can discover these factors so that the punishment of an OWI doesn't have to be as harsh.

You may not have had an accurate blood-alcohol reading taken by an officer or maybe something happened that elevated these readings unfairly. The only way you're going to find out for certain is by hiring an OWI attorney that can investigate and bring these factors to the table if they are relevant. 

Make It Easier to Cooperate

The best approach to any type of drunk driving charge — especially one as severe as an OWI — is to be cooperative. You don't want to give the officer that arrested you trouble nor the legal system that you're going to be involved with. 

An OWI attorney will make it a lot easier to keep a cooperative mindset. They'll help you communicate professionally to relevant parties in your case and ensure you don't make a fuss that paints you in a bad light. Their help in this way can get you a better outcome. 

If you end up with an OWI charge, you want to be responsive and careful moving forward so that you don't do anything that maximizes your punishment. Hiring an OWI attorney is highly recommended so that you're not forced into extremely stressful legal scenarios.