3 Types Of Cases That An Assault Attorney Can Handle

Assault cases are difficult to handle because they are often emotional. If you're assaulted in any way, you can feel anxious and stressed about the future. However, you don't have to go through this process alone. An assault attorney can help you get the justice you deserve and help you feel safe and secure. Here are three types of assault cases these attorneys can handle.

1. Verbal Assault

Verbal assault cases involve insults or threats made by a person who is angry with another. It may include name-calling, derogatory terms, and foul language that an offender may use towards their victim in places like social media platforms, at work, school, home, or even in the streets.

Verbal assault cases are usually high in difficulty because of a lack of evidence and witnesses. However, an experienced assault attorney may help you build a strong case against your offender. So, if you feel threatened because someone has been yelling profanities or threatening you, seek help from an attorney. They'll help you make an official statement against the abuser and request a restraining order if necessary. They can also file assault charges at your local prosecutor's office, contact witnesses to testify in court on your behalf, and provide you with legal advice during trial proceedings.

2. Aggravated Assault

This is one of the most serious assault charges that an individual can face. It occurs when an abuser attempts to intentionally cause serious injury to a victim with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. Such deadly weapons include, but are not limited to, guns, knives, razors, poisons, and other dangerous objects.

Aggravated assault is not only charged as a felony but can also be classified as an "assault with intent to kill." The punishment for this charge can be severe and life-changing, which is why it's important to seek help from a lawyer if you're a victim of this type of crime. 

3. Sexual Assault

Sexual predators and rapists are known to be some of the most dangerous criminals in society. If you've been sexually assaulted in any way, contact a lawyer for assistance. Assault attorneys can handle sexual abuse, rape, molestation charges, and more. Talking to an attorney about your case will enable you to receive justice and also give you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others who have been victimized.

An attorney will also help you file charges against your assailant. This will increase your chances of getting your attacker prosecuted and incarcerated. It is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after an assault because any delay could result in the loss of evidence and other key pieces that would help your case.

Assault attorneys handle a wide variety of cases. If you're a victim of an assault crime, these lawyers can help you get justice and any compensation that you deserve. Contact a law firm like Epstein & Robbins to learn more.